Jim FitzGibbon

Jim FitzGibbon

B.Sc., Dip IGC., IGC Diploma in Psychotherapy Supervision

Accreditation: SIAHIP, MIAHIP, MICP
Code of Ethics: IAHIP
Telephone No: 087 7555680
Address Annagh, Ballykeeran, Athlone, Co. Westmeath N37 DH04

Description of Work and Background:

As psychotherapy supervisor, I facilitate small groups of supervisees and I see some as individuals.
I see the therapeutic relationships as body-oriented and relational.

I feel there is neurological healing in the present, non-verbal therapeutic relationship, the Now.

Ripeness can be a mutual experience once there exists the loving intentionality in the dance between persons, and with Nature.

A survivor of political terror in war I am experienced in resolving the resulting ongoing shrapnel in relationships.

My core work is in the resolution of relational shame, helplessness, fear and disassociation.

I help you to take responsibility for discharging traumatic energy held in the body, safely.

I have developed a wonderful exploration of switching to joy.

I lean into art, sand tray, drumming, music, song, movement.