Our Approach

The legacy of our founders is strong in the ethos of our organizational structure and in the delivery of our programmes.  We are committed to demonstrating, through our work and personal interactions, respect for individuals and groups irrespective of ethnic origins, cultural background, status, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, or disability.

The development of a learning community, which reaches out beyond its own borders to the wider society and influences its development, is central to our mission.  Ensuring the quality and relevance of our students’ experience is at the heart of our approach to learning and teaching.  This includes not only the cognitive development of the student but also their personal development, attitudes, values and practical skills.

As well as providing a thorough grounding in theory and professional skills,  Gestalt Institute programmes reflect our deep commitment to the centrality of the personal development of the therapist.  This principle and the emphasis on the dialogical relationship at the heart of the therapeutic encounter underpins both the structure and method of delivery of all our work.

The MA/Postgraduate Diploma offers an exciting journey into self-awareness, with lots of opportunity for continued development not only as a therapist but also as a person.  The curriculum balances personal development, skills, professional issues and theory and students are expected to be active learners sharing responsibility for their growth and some elements of programme design.

A highly experiential teaching style is adopted throughout the training as live therapy is conducted and reflected upon in a supportive environment.  Students are encouraged to become competent, ethical and reflexive practitioners operating from a research-informed and research active stance which integrates theory and practice.  We are very proud of our record of producing not just qualified but quality psychotherapists, able to work effectively in a variety of professional settings and taking a leading role in the field of psychotherapy in Ireland.