Dawn Edge O’ Neill

    Dawn Edge O’ Neill

    Certificate in Clinical Supervision with the Gestalt Institute of Ireland MA in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy from the University of Limerick , Accredited Gestalt Supervisor with IACP

    Accreditation: MIACP
    Code of Ethics: IACP
    Telephone No: 087 9949049
    Address dawnedgeoneill62@gmail.com

    Description of Work and Background:

    I am a humanistic and integrative trained psychotherapist grounded in the existential and gestalt approaches. I focus on the human experience of being in the world and on the limits of the ‘givens’ of life in which we find ourselves and I pay close attention to the present moment/s that can shed light on our experiences. I am an experienced relational psychotherapist working full time for the last 10 years both in private practice and in the HSE’s National Counselling Service.
    I developed hugely as a psychotherapist as a result of my own supervision. Here with the support of my supervisor, in a safe supervisory space, all my prior learning was deepened allowing my own process to grow and develop. Indeed one of the reasons I trained to become a supervisor was connected to this positive experience.
    This training reinforced in me the value of working with integrity, authenticity and genuineness and sharpened the skills to explore and process the human experience through the body, mind and feeling realms within the supervisory setting.
    I would like to offer my supervisees a safe space to develop, be supported and resourced as they face the challenges that arise in the client/therapy relationship and also to deepen their self-awareness, resilience and positive energy for the therapy work.
    Please feel free to contact me with any queries and/or to explore your needs in supervision.
    Contracts can be negotiated for student, pre-accredited or experienced psychotherapists. I have a preference for face to face sessions but am willing to supervisee on-line if required.
    Fiona Clothier

    Fiona Clothier

    Psychotherapist and Supervisor MIAHIP, Certificate in Supervision, MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy, BSc., RPN, RGN.

    Accreditation: IAHIP
    Code of Ethics: IAHIP
    Telephone No: 087 4151412
    Address Stonehaven, Barrack House, O’Connell Avenue, Limerick City, V94AX83
    Website www.counsellinginlimerick.com

    Description of Work and Background:

    I graduated in 2013 from the Irish Gestalt Institute after doing a clinical placement with Student Counselling Service at The University of Limerick. Prior to this, I qualified as a counsellor in 1992 and established a counselling service for families of people with dementia in Bristol.

    My work in the health care sector spans over many years: initially as a general nurse, then a psychiatric nurse and later, a trainer of health care professionals in the mental health sector.

    I have a European Certificate of Psychotherapy from the European Association of Psychotherapy, a Master’s in Gestalt Psychotherapy and a Certificate in Supervision from the Gestalt Institute of Ireland. In my practice I work with individuals and couples, helping them address a range of emotional and psychological difficulties.
    As a supervisor I endeavour to create an open and compassionate space where supervisees feel supported to become courageous enough to see how their vulnerabilities and processes impact their therapeutic work.
    Informed by compassionate practice and aware of the impact of shame in my own experience, I endeavour to create a non-shaming relationship and space where supervisees feel safe-enough to bring their real-world concerns, issues and doubts about their practice.
    I regard it as important to cultivate a supervision culture where it is okay not to always have the answers and, where appropriate, to arrive at clarity through engagement with uncertainty and the vulnerability of not-knowing.
    I am mindful of ethical and best practice norms of IAHIP and work effectively with supervisees to arrive at a settled place that is congruent and authentic for the supervisee and is aligned with their career stage.
    I work both face-to-face and online. My website is www.counsellinginlimerick.com.
    If you wish to inquire about the possibility of an initial appointment or clarify therapy details and costs, please feel free to contact me directly on my mobile number.
    Jim FitzGibbon

    Jim FitzGibbon

    B.Sc., Dip IGC., IGC Diploma in Psychotherapy Supervision

    Accreditation: SIAHIP, MIAHIP, MICP
    Code of Ethics: IAHIP
    Telephone No: 087 7555680
    Address Annagh, Ballykeeran, Athlone, Co. Westmeath N37 DH04

    Description of Work and Background:

    As psychotherapy supervisor, I facilitate small groups of supervisees and I see some as individuals.
    I see the therapeutic relationships as body-oriented and relational.

    I feel there is neurological healing in the present, non-verbal therapeutic relationship, the Now.

    Ripeness can be a mutual experience once there exists the loving intentionality in the dance between persons, and with Nature.

    A survivor of political terror in war I am experienced in resolving the resulting ongoing shrapnel in relationships.

    My core work is in the resolution of relational shame, helplessness, fear and disassociation.

    I help you to take responsibility for discharging traumatic energy held in the body, safely.

    I have developed a wonderful exploration of switching to joy.

    I lean into art, sand tray, drumming, music, song, movement.
    Julien Joly

    Julien Joly

    Dip IGC, IAHIP, Dip BSS-DO, Certificate in Clinical Supervision with The Gestalt Institute of Ireland, Accredited Gestalt Supervisor with IAHIP

    Accreditation: MIAHIP
    Code of Ethics: IAHIP
    Telephone No: 086 3308282 -
    Address 22 South Frederick Street, Dublin D02 N250
    Website www.gestaltpsychotherapy.ie

    Description of Work and Background:

    In its website, the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrated Psychotherapy (IAHIP) expresses that “care for the client is at the core of supervision”. My wish as a supervisor is to provide a regular support, oversight, and learning, with an in-depth reflection on supervisees’ practice that safeguards and upholds the standards of psychotherapy.

    I approach supervision as a collaborative relationship, with the view to make sense of what is presented of supervisees/clients processes. I use the Seven-eyed model as one supervisory format. I have found that it informs, shapes and supports supervisees with the direction they wish for their supervision.

    My supervision training is a level 9 Certificate in Clinical Supervision with The Gestalt Institute of Ireland and SETU. While my core theoretical knowledge is Gestalt’s theory and methodology, I feel competent to be able to support supervisees who are not Gestalt trained, as my knowledge and interests extend to other psychotherapy practices and theories. They are inclusive of Lowen’s Character Structures; Bainbridge Cohen, Frank and La Barre’s Somatic and Early Developmental Movements; Trauma and Neuroscience, Siegel’s Window of Tolerance; Bowlby’s Attachment Theories, and Bern’s Transactional Analysis.

    A part of my supervisory methodology includes creative experimentation for which I use symbols, imagery, drawing, movement, the sand tray… My intention is to expand supervisees’ awareness of their therapeutic work, and to encourage them to grow their own intuitive creativity. Erich Fromm says that “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties”. I integrate to my therapy and supervision work, the view that “cultivating uncertainty” (Staemmler) is a necessary focus from which supervisees’ own creative therapeutic methodology can become a supportive element for clients’ growth.

    As a supervisee myself, I learnt that until I was able to reach further into the depth of my countertransference, I couldn’t fully meet clients within the authentic contact I was hoping to create. Therefore, I like to offer the opportunity to allow, at times and with boundaried caution, a personal therapy approach in supervision to support working through countertransference processes. My intentionality is to help reorganise and restore in the here-and-now the therapist’s position and agency within their relational dance with clients.
    Nuala Harpur

    Nuala Harpur

    MSc,RGN,Dip.HE,Dip.IGC, Accredited Gestalt Supervisor with IAHIP

    Accreditation: IAHIP
    Code of Ethics: IAHIP
    Telephone No: 085 8251747
    Address Potter's Way, Carley’s Bridge, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford Y21X0Y0
    Website Email: nualamharpur@gmail.com

    Description of Work and Background:

    I am an IAHIP accredited Supervisor, (level 9 Certificate in Clinical Supervision with The Gestalt Institute of Ireland and SETU)
    I have a private practice in Enniscorthy County Wexford, where I also work as a Gestalt Trained Psychotherapist.
    My background is in health care, I was previously employed by the HSE until 2022 as Senior Health Promotion Officer since 2001 and as a Registered General Nurse since 1984.
    I am a student of the Diamond Approach Teaching Ireland since 2017.

    In my supervision practice I work with student, pre-accredited and accredited psychotherapists.
    My preference is for working face to face however I am available to see supervisees online if required

    My way of working in supervision is experiential, integrative and humanistic, and is deeply embedded in gestalt theory and practice.
    I work creatively with supervisees using embodiment, phenomenology and field theory. I enjoy working with the medium of art, visualisations, symbols, sand and nature to explore, develop and deepen the client work.

    I work collaboratively to create a safe space to support and enable the supervisee to develop their own style of practice, while always adhering to the theoretical and evidence based framework that underpins the practice of psychotherapy as well as the ethical principles, practices and guidelines of their accrediting bodies.

    My experience of working in the HSE for almost 40 years supports me to have a deep and informed understanding of the requirements, complexities and demands on psychotherapists working in organisational structures and systems. This I am able to translate into my supervision practice.
    Patricia Browne

    Patricia Browne


    Accreditation: IACP
    Code of Ethics: IACP
    Telephone No: 086 2336537
    Address Email: patmbrowne@gmail.com

    Description of Work and Background:

    My aim in supervision is to create a supportive environment where supervisees can navigate challenges inherent in their work with clients. My focus is on providing collaborative relationship, to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, employing developmentally appropriate engagement, nurturing therapist’s self-use, promoting personal growth, and navigating the complexities of client relationships. Simultaneously, I emphasise ethical decision-making, safeguarding, and risk management.
    I completed my supervision training with the Gestalt Institute of Ireland, obtaining a level 9 Certificate. The decision to pursue this training was influenced by my positive experience with my supervisor whose relational approach emphasised the use of self and the contact boundary, significantly contributing to my development as a therapist and supervisor. My core training is also rooted in the Gestalt Institute of Ireland, completed in 2008. Drawing from my training and experience as a therapist, my supervisory approach is primarily grounded in the gestalt relational approach ‘here and now’ perspective, interwoven with insights from the past, encapsulating the ‘there and then’.
    Further enriching my work as a therapist are qualifications in MBSR teacher training, EMDR and CBT. Additionally, my master’s degree specialises in the Gestalt Approach to Adolescent Development. My work as a therapist is further enriched and informed by qualifications in MBSR teacher training, EMDR and CBT.
    I am accredited with the Irish Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists.
    Based in Clonmel Counselling Centre, Co. Tipperary, where I offer both in-person and online supervision services.