Hugh Bennett

Hugh Bennett

Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy

Accreditation: IACP
Code of Ethics: IACP
Telephone No: 087 7014335

Description of Work and Background:

I became interested in counselling after being on a Personal Development Course with the Irish Gestalt Centre. I was and still am fascinated by the way people respond to Gestalt counselling. From my own experience I know how it feels to discover something new about myself and my patterns of behaviour. I feel I bring this excitement and enthusiasm into my work with clients, along with experience, warmth and humour.

Since starting work as a therapist I have worked with a diverse range of difficulties such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, work related issues, addiction, sexuality, sexual abuse and bereavement. I operate on the basis that we all have the ability to solve our problems. Sometimes we get stuck and need help. I see my role as counsellor as helping the person to see clearly what their situation is and find out how they are part of it. Then we experiment together with finding new ways of facing the difficulty.

I offer one-to-one counselling, couple counselling, meditation and personal development groups. For more information about how I work please visit