Julien Joly

Julien Joly

Dip IGC, IAHIP, Dip BSS-DO, Certificate in Clinical Supervision with The Gestalt Institute of Ireland, Accredited Gestalt Supervisor with IAHIP

Accreditation: IAHIP
Code of Ethics: IAHIP
Telephone No: 086 3308282
Address 22 South Frederick Street, Dublin D02 N250
Website gestaltpsychotherapy.ie

Description of Work and Background:

Julien Joly is a Gestalt psychotherapist and a supervisor. He is a Masters graduate of The Gestalt Institute of Ireland and is accredited with IAHIP. He explores with people, in personal and couple therapy, a wide range of psychological issues that include : Trauma, sexual abuse and violence, anxiety, depression, addictions, LGBTQI+ issues, relationship dynamics.

Julien’s counselling and psychotherapy practice welcomes men and women of all ages, and teenagers (16 years old + with parental consent) who are interested in self-awareness and personal growth. He has worked in the therapeutic field for over 23 years, exploring and working through the lens of a holistic approach. One of the foundation of his work is creating a safe environment to support clients who are looking deeper inside themselves, in search for meaning. Julien is attentive to each person’s needs with compassion and a non-judgmental regard.

His work offers people a possibility to explore psychological processes, cognitive and behavioural patterns. Side by side, his collaboration with people intends to help them develop a more authentic sense of themselves and thus develop newness in their relationships as they seek-out different outcomes.

Julien adheres to the Gestalt approach, working with a beginner’s mind, creatively adaptable. Matters that are explored in the therapy help develop in the person the notion of healthier boundaries which brings clarity to their processes and roles in any relationships.