Mary Gleeson

Mary Gleeson

Postgraduate Diploma Gestalt Psychotherapy, Dip. Counselling Psychology, LL.B., B.A.

Accreditation: IAHIP
Code of Ethics: IAHIP
Telephone No: 087 9174245
Address 49 Shantalla Road, Galway City

Description of Work and Background:

I have a private practice in Galway city and graduated from IGC with a post graduate diploma in 2015. My clinical placement was divided between Pro Consult, Galway; Let’s Get Talking, Galway; and The Dancing Soul, Athlone. I am experienced working with clients who have psychological and emotional challenges (for e.g. Anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, bereavement, trauma, and sexual abuse); as well as those looking for personal development and exploration.

I work from a humanistic and integrative stance, with a background in Gestalt psychotherapy. I believe each person has the potential to grow and the capacity to find direction and meaning in their lives. Approaching therapy through a holistic framework allows exploration of how our bodies support us e.g. through breadth and meditation techniques, and through bringing creativity into therapy work, and when possible using art and symbols to deepen the work. I also encourage my clients to bring their dreams to therapy. I create a space that invites, accepts and is designed for frank probing and revealing dialogue, and which allows clients to express themselves honestly, get to understand their true feelings and work to figure out their journey towards healing.