Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan


Accreditation: IAHIP
Code of Ethics: IAHIP
Telephone No: 086-2331956
Address Clonmel Counselling Service

Description of Work and Background:

Michael is an accredited psychotherapist, who has a depth of experience and knowledge in working alongside people who present with a wide variety of personal and relational issues. The cornerstone of Michael's practice is built around creating a safe space for individuals who wish to explore such issues as anxiety, stress, anger management, bullying, sexual identity, sexual abuse, lose of relationship, bereavement, self-harm, body image, eating disorders, and trauma.

Michael also works with sports teams and high-performance athletes. His work is unique, in that he supports and teaches teams of athletes, as well as individual athletes in one to one sessions, how to identify and undo the embodied holding of stress and anxiety in their bodies. The unconscious holding of stress and anxiety by athletes is the single greatest contributing factor that leads them to choke, an experience which is the single greatest barrier towards optimal individual and team performance.